The Almost Post Important Update

In Uncategorized on February 25, 2009 at 8:46 am

Check out an update from The Almost below. Its for a good cause so please read it.

Hey everyone..I trust you’re all having an awesome start to your week!
Things are brisk here in Philly….but whatever. Jay is in sunny Florida, Alex in blisteringly cold Salt Lake, and Aaron in scorching-hot Australia. We’ve got all climates covered basically. So no worries there. The Almost has it on lock-down.

I’m writing you all a quick note to ask to keep my good good buddy Jesse Sprinkle and his buddy Shane in your prayers/send good vibes their way for the next couple of weeks if you think about it. They’re heading to Uganda (in Africa for those who aren’t down with geography) to help give clean water to families who live there.

Clean water in Africa is like, well, clean water to them. Their bodies need it, and it’s not something as accessible to them as it is to us. We take advantage of it all the time, leaving the water on while we brush our teeth, take extra long showers, flush the toilet to water it go round-and-round, etc…
Missions like the Ugandan Water Project and Blood Water Mission are doing really amazing things for extremely deserving people. Financially, it doesn’t take much to make a HUGE difference. A few bucks can go a long way to help someone across the world. I know times are tight when it comes to the skrilla, but if any of you awesome friends can spare a few bucks, this is definitely worth it. We’re a really blessed nation, recession or not. We’ve got luxuries that we all take for granted. I feel like such a butthead if I find myself complaining about a crappy dinner sometimes or when I’m in Florida and I think my water tastes like eggs. Little kids in Uganda would go nuts to have a burned burger from Chili’s or some eggwater from Tampa.

Anyways, I’m not here asking for monetary donations only. Your prayers and kind thoughts do wonders, so please keep my friends in mind if you get the time.

You are all incredible people with awesome hearts.
We love ya’ll and we’re lucky to have you all around!
Take care, and have a killer week everyone!


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