Tops Of 2008

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You can find my best of 2008 list below.

Top Albums:
20)The Morning Light-Self Titled
19)Valencia-We All Need A Reason To Believe
18)Thieves And Villians-Movement
17)Sing It Loud-Come Around
16)Every Avenue-Shh! Just Go With It
14)The Scenic-Find Yourself Here
13)The Academy Is-Fast Times At Ridgemont High
12)Panic At The Disco-Pretty. Odd.
11)Gym Class Heroes-The Quilt
10)Senses Fail-Life Is Not A Waiting Room
9)Jacks Mannequin-The Glass Passengar
8)The Maine-Cant Stop, Wont Stop
7)City And Colour-Bring Me Your Love
6)The Classic Crime-The Silver Chord
5)Rise Against-Appeal To Reason
4)Anberlin-New Surrender
3)Slipknot-All Hope Is Gone
2)Underoath-Lost In The Sound Of Seperation
1)Fallout Boy-Folie A Deux

Honorable Mentions:
6)Fear Before-Self Titled
5)The All American Rejects-When The World Comes Down
4)Search The City-A Fire So Big The Heavens Can See It
2)Forgive Durden-Razias Shadow
1)Norma Jean-The Anti Mother

Best EPs Of 08:
5)Ace Enders
4)The Fall Of Troy
3)Red Car Wire
2)Cinmeatic Sunrise
1)Closure In Moscow

Best Hip Hop Album Of 08
1)Kanye West-80’s And Heartbreak

Best Vocals Of 08
5)Harrison Wargo-The Morning Light
4)Shane Henderson-Valencia
3)Patrick Stump-Fallout Boy
2)Spencer Chamberlin-Underoath
1)Stephen Christian-Anberlin

Best Label Of 2008

Runner up:
Fearless Records

Biggest Shock Of 2008:
Epitapth Signs New Found Glory, Story Of The Year, Everytime I Die and Thursday

Best Songs Of 2008:
10)Into Your Arms-The Maine
8)Too Bright To See Too Loud To Hear-Underoath
7)Breakin’-All American Rejects
6)After The Last Midtown Show-The Academy Is
4)Swim-Jacks Mannequin
3)5805-The Classic Crime
2)The Death Of Me-City And Colour
1)What A Catch, Donnie-Fallout Boy

Best Movies Of 2008:
5)Pineapple Express
4)Step Brothers
3)Iron Man
2)Zack And Miri Make A Porno
1)The Dark Knight

Most Anticipated Of 2009:
20)Ace Enders And A Million Different People
19)The Dear Hunter
18)Cinematic Sunrise
17)Isles And Glaciars
16)A Day To Remember
15)Panic At The Disco
14)Two Tounges
13)All Time Low
12)Circa Survive
11)Past Lives
10)Taking Back Sunday
8)Say Anything
6)The Fall Of Troy
5)Closure In Moscow
4)New Found Glory
2)Everytime I Die

Prediction for 09:
Blink-182 Announces Reunion Tour

Band Of 08:
Fallout Boy

Bands To Look Out For In 09:
Closure in Moscow
Cinematic Sunrise


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