Slipknot- All Hope Is Gone Review

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If you thought Nu-Metal was about to fade guess again. Slipknot has single handedly saved Nu-metal with their release of their new album All Hope Is lost.

In what seems like forever (4 years to be exact) slipknot has returned with their best and arguably most brutal work ever. This is hands down the best Nu-metal album ever created and Slipknot has upped the ante for other nu-metal/metal bands in general. The opening instrumental/song gives you a feel for the direction the album is going in and as soon as you hear Joey beating those drums, you know your ears are in for a treat.

The album first song is somewhat of a continuation of the opening instrumental track and it picks up where Joey left off. This continues on through the first 4 songs at which point we get a taste of the more melodic side of Slipknot. It’s obvious that Root and Taylors band Stone Sour had some influence on Corey Taylor in this album, this also holds true in the most shocking song on the album.

If you were to hear “ballad” and “Slipknot” in the same sentence you would probably say I’m crazy, however, this is the case and there is a ballad on this album. This is the strongest track on the album and definitely has “hit single” written all over it. The title track ends the album and picks up where it left off before the slower tracks on the album (Dead Memories and the aforementioned ballad Snuff).

It goes out the same way it started by kicking your ass and taking your name in the process. Musically speaking, in every sense, this is the best work Slipknot has ever produced and I can only hope the new album will continue the efforts of this. There is really nothing bad that you can point out about the album, except maybe the running time which clocks in around one hour.

Slipknot is back in a big way and is poised to take over as the leaders of the Nu-Metal Scene with this album. The Part that sticks out the most about the album is the incredible drummer of Joey Jordinson. The lyrics are also the darkest the band has ever written and when Corey Taylor says this album will “rip your fucking face off” he isn’t lying. This is exactly what the album does. Another strong part of the album? The Work of the guitarist Jim Root and Mick Thompson. While this album isn’t for most, and I can guarantee it isn’t, it is a worthy pick up and the best album of the year so far.

Final Score-100%

Slipknot is:

Sid Wilson-Turntables/Keyboard

Joey Jordinson-Drums

Chris Fhen-Percussion

Jim Root-Guitar

Craig Jones-Samples

Shawn Crahan-Percussion

Mick Thompson-Guitar

Corey Taylor-Vocals

For Fans Of: Stone Sour, Korn

Produced By: Dave Fortman

Recorded At: Sound Farm- Jamica, Iowa

Label-Roadrunner Records/Nuclear Blast


  1. “.execute.”
  2. “Gematria (The Killing Name)”
  3. “Sulfur” 
  4. “Psychosocial”
  5. “Dead Memories”
  6. “Vendetta”
  7. “Butcher’s Hook”
  8. “Gehenna”
  9. “This Cold Black”
  10. “Wherein Lies Continue”
  11. “Snuff”
  12. “All Hope Is Gone”

Slipknot @ Myspace

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