The Academy Is Review

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Generally when you think of Summer bands and albums you think of bands like New Found Glory and Blink 182. You can Now add The Academy Is to this list.

The band is back and in Summer fashion and a what seems to be recurring high school theme The Academy is take the crown for Summer Gems. However, This is far from the bands best work and should not be discounted as a poor album or a “slump” album.

Right off the bat you can tell the band has continued to mature musically and William Becketts voice has gotten better since Santi. As I touched on before there seems to be a recurring theme of Relationships/Higschool/Friendship throughout.

The first song(which also happens to be the first single) kicks off on a high gear and dosent look back and this continues on into the third song(His Girl Friday). On the fourth song you can see the natural progression/maturation of the band again and its also one of two ballads on the album. The Next 2 songs kick right back into the energetic The Academy Is that fans have grown to know and love and the production on these songs is superb.

After The Last Midtown Show is the best song on the album and features Andrew Mcmahon of Jacks Mannequin fame and is a beautifully structured song and is arguably the best song the band has ever written. After that the album gets a little weak and doesn’t really end on that high of a note which is where my problem lays with this album. It starts off really strong and just falters towards the end. Perhaps the band could have arranged the song order differently to have avoided this problem.

The album seems to have the best elements of Almost There and Santi but there’s something missing that I just cannot put my finger on. The album does have more strong points than weak points going for it. Musically(production wise, sound wise) this is the best the band has ever sounded. It’s mature and energetic and captures the style of the band perfectly, and the two what seem to be ballads do not take away from this at all.

The band seems to have also rushed this album it released 15 months after Santi and this is generally unusual for a band to do. Would I Recommend this album to people? Absolutely. Would I say its the bands best work? No. That crown belongs to Santi. So to Recap this review in a few points:

-Strong Production
-Continued Progression/Maturation
-Strong Beginning/Poor Ending

Final Score: 84%

The Academy Is:
William Beckett-Vocals
Adam Siska-Bass
Michael Guy Chislett-Guitar
Mike Carden-Guitar
The Butcher-Drums

For fans of: Fallout Boy, Paramore, Valencia

Produced by-Sam Hollander
Recorded at-Avatar Studios Ny, Ny
Label-Decyande/Fueled By Ramen/Atlantic Records

Track listing:
“About A Girl”
“Summer Hair=Forever Young”
“His Girl Friday”
“The Test”
“Rumored Nights”
“Automatic Eyes”
“Crowded Room”-Ft. Gabe Saporta

“After the Last Midtown Show”-Ft Andrew Andrew McMahon
“Beware! Cougar!”
“Paper Chase”
“One More Weekend”

The Academy Is..@

  1. Nice work man! 🙂

    Can’t wait to read more of these.

  2. Awesome review Rob! Keep them coming!!!

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