The Man Of Iron And The Bat Crazy Boy Come To DVD

In Uncategorized on August 17, 2008 at 10:37 pm

This fall will follow a summer of epic movie releases and with fall at the tip of your tongue the horrible taste of vomit known as the holidays follows shortly after. What better way to wash down that awful feeling then the release of Iron Man and The Dark Knight on dvd:

On September 30th Iron man will be releasing three different versions of this glorious dvd, a two-disc special collector’s edition, a special collector’s edition blu-ray disc, and a single-disc edition. that should keep the nerd boy or girl of your life busy for a while.

And after destroying the box office this past month alone The Dark Knight already has its release date to destroy the DVD releases around it this holiday season. With rumors of a November 18th-December 9th release dates fans will also have a choice selection of what to spend their holiday cash on this season. A two-disc DVD edition, a steelbook two-disc special edition, a Batpod collectors edition, a Batman mask special edition and the Blu-Ray edition. You can check out the photos at this site

So with two giant mega blockbusters coming to DVD this fall expect nice stocking stuffer and also ask for the receipt because I’m sure if your like me you will be picking up your copies of each movie when its released, sorry Santa looks like your gonna have to think of something better to give this year.


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