Story Of The Year Interview

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Check out my interview with Dan Marsala vocalist of Story Of The Year below.

You guys just released a new album and it kind of has the best elements of Page Avenue and In The Wake Of Determination. Was this a sound you intended for or would you say its a natural progression the band took?

Dan-It was pretty much natural progression, it kind of naturally came out. We knew we wanted to balance everything good we’ve done in the past, everything that works and we tried to take both elements. We knew we wanted to get a little production value than on our second record cause that one we really stripped it down on purpose like we wanted it to be a raw rock record and this time we wanted to balance out the production value and some of the rawness and stuff. I think that kind of naturally made it a good balance of both records. Musically, we never really think about anything writing its just write music that we like and it just happened to be a good balance of both this time.

You guys recently signed with Epitaph is there a reason for the switch? I mean I know you guys cut ties with Maverick. Can you explain what happened there?

Dan-It was real simple. Maverick actually folded under Warner Brothers and Mavericks no longer a label now web picked up a lot of Maverick bands; actually some maverick bands. We were in negations with Warner Brothers but it didn’t wind up working out so we were kind of left label-less. We sent out a bunch of demos and stuff to new labels and Epitaph was the label. They’ve been big fans of ours since the beginning actually Brett their owner has been trying to sign us since we came out. He didn’t know we were on Maverick already and said I missed it I wish I would have got you guys before. Luckily it worked out this time around and he was way into the band. its a great label a lot of my favorite all time bands are on it h20 being one of them. you know Bad Religion, Nofx, Bouncing Souls all the old punk bands. It’s a great label and were so happy right now.

You guys worked with Dave Feldman again was it like the same as working with him on Page Avenue or was there a difference?

Dan-It was a little different this time on Page Ave we were a brand new band and very impressionable and he kind of took the reigns and we didn’t get to do exactly what we wanted to on that record and this time around now that were a more established band. It was a lot better working environment we both respected each other from a different level and it worked out really good this time we got along really well and he’s a great producer. He only did about 4 songs on this record and a guy named Elvis Baskette did the rest and both guys are amazing. We love it the record turned out great.

Was it the decision at first to go with two producers or was it like after the 4 songs you recorded with Dave and said lets work with another producer and see what we get?

Dan-It kind of just worked out that way it was timing issues originally we were going to go with Feldman then originally we weren’t going to do anything with him cause the timing wasn’t working out then we were only going to do it with Elvis Baskette. The time opened up and we were like OK lets do a few songs with both guys and see what happens. Luckily Elvis mixed the whole record so it all sounds pretty much the same and they both do an amazing job.

I know you guys are going over to the UK in Oct for the Taste Of Chaos. Any Plans to tour Europe or come back to the US after?

Dan-We’re supposed to do the whole International Taste Of Chaos were going to do Europe and Asia and probably Japan and all of that stuff maybe South America on that as well. After that were going to do more US stuff we don’t have anything booked yet. Starting in Jan prob well do US stuff again do a whole run throughout the US.

Are there any bands you’d like to bring on tour with you? Or any bands you wanna bring on tour with you specifically?

Dan-I don’t know there’s a lot of good bands. Touring is a hard thing figuring out who to tour with were touring with a lot of good bands that we’ve toured with in the past like Anberlin some of our best friends, Everytime I Die great band that we’ve toured with before. We have a whole lot of good friends on this tour. It’s not out of the questions that well bring one of these bands so well see.

Whats it like being on Warped again and playing the main stage? Is it a better experience than previous years?

Dan-This year has been amazing for us I’m having the best time on Warped. I don’t know why
this is like our fourth or fifth time doing it now so we kind of know how to take this tour on now. Its hot there’s no escaping the heat and the day we try to hide out and lay low and keep it real. but yeah, were loving it this year.

The Black Swan is in stores now.

  1. Great interview Rob!! I think you really captured what people really wanted to know about what was going on. I think it’s awesome that it seems they have a little more freedom and their own say this time around.

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